School Safety

This past month, through a number of routines and initiatives, including Safety Week, we focused our attention heavily on student safety and well-being. We want to thank the SCA community for following the Kiss and Ride safety protocol [advancing your car to the ‘top’ of the Kiss and Ride; staying in your vehicles; having your children prepared to exit with all of their belongs from the passenger side], arriving a few minutes before the bell, walking with your child to school, or staying in your cars and allowing the staff to walk and/or supervise your child to get to their respective yards, we are able to create a greater flow, less traffic congestion, and a much safer environment for all of our students. Also, we kindly ask that all parents avoid walking onto or across the playground. We have a number of staff members supervising our children, and ensuring that they make it to their appropriate lines safely. Let’s keep it up!