Catholic School Council

Our Mission

The Catholic School Council is an advisory body whose mission is to enhance the education of our children in a faith-centered environment in partnership with the school, parish, community and home.

A Message from the Chair

Community means so many things to so many people. All communities have strengths and assets that can be mobilized to improve the quality of services, education and life for all citizens. Commitment, involvement and participation by community members are key ingredients to building a sense of ownership and ultimately vibrant communities.

Building community takes different shapes and forms but the backbone is the commitment, involvement and participation of its members. The school council is one forum to build and enhance community. The St. Cecilia school community is a partnership between the students, parents and school staff of St. Cecilia. The school council serves as a bridge between parents, school staff, church and members of the community to enhance catholic education and assist the school in achieving its objectives and goals. An effective school council has the opportunity to: 1) Fill in Gaps, 2) Increase Parent Participation /Feedback in Education and 3) Ultimately contribute to the success of students.

The School Council has undertaken a number of initiatives this current year which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Circulating a Parent Survey in October to help guide council priorities
  • Organizing the Halloween Dance-a-thon Fundraiser with proceeds going to the purchase of laptops in the library, scientist in the school presentations and library books
  • Improving communication lines with parents through the school newsletter and website
  • Applying for external grant programs – i.e. Student Treasures Pilot Program (JK, SK, Grade 2 and 3)
  • Opening the Parent Resource Center in the library (February 2012)
  • Inviting guest speakers from the parent community to present at council meetings
  • Volunteering and coordinating events such as Teacher Appreciation, French Carnival and Pancake Tuesday
  • Promoting the need for educational presentations on key topics such as homework, bully prevention and nutrition
  • Developing and launching the Jump Start to Learning Fundraiser with proceeds going to improve student success
  • Creating and coordinating a Community Activity Evening – Bingo Night
  • Contributing to the year end school barbeque

St. Cecilia is off to a positive start and the school council is proud of the contributions that have been made to student success, community building and enhancing parent participation in education. As a new school, we are building the groundwork in establishing St. Cecilia as a great school, one that the community can be proud to have as a key focal point.

On behalf of the school council I thank you, the parents for taking an active role in your child’s education and the various school initiatives.


  • Paola Rimoli, Chair
  • Ida Di Tacchio, Vice Chair
  • Tania Sutherland, Treasurer
  • Mary Porto, Secretary
  • Denisa Battaglia
  • Jennifer Caputo
  • Jennifer Contardi
  • Liana Di Marco
  • Nadia Garisto
  • Rosana Grace
  • Laura Mallia
  • Mark Marino
  • Joanne Martino
  • Shirley Nunez
  • Sybil Ngan
  • Lina Palmieri
  • Julia Rotolo
  • Annette Santilli
  • Fabio Nardo, Principal
  • Paula Martins, Vice Principal
  • Domenica Cristiano, Teacher Rep.
  • Mary Loiero, Teacher Rep.
  • Mickey Iantorno, Non-Teaching Rep.
  • Daniela Hoffman, Parish Rep
  • Rosana Figueira-Pantaleo, Community Rep